Tutorial Series: How To Use Wire Mesh Ribbon

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Wire Mesh Ribbon Tutorial: How To Make Two-Tone Pendant Cords

For hanging pendants, I like to use the 6mm mesh with another cord, like silk or leather in a contrasting color, inserted inside the mesh. Since the mesh is tubular, this technique works well, and also makes your finished piece stronger. To insert the cord, tie the cord which is to be inserted on to the hook-end of a very thin crotchet hook (size 2 works well). Then gently insert the hook, back-end first, into the mesh tube itself with the cord attached. Scrunch the mesh over the back-end of the hook and as you work the hook through the mesh it will pull the attached cord with it. Be very careful and gentle when employing this technique, so you don’t accidentally rip the mesh as you work. After your cord is inserted, trim it down so it is even with the mesh at both ends, then attach your clasp.

Another attractive way to use the mesh with pendants is to simply string it along with other cords creating an interesting mix of colors and textures, as in this example:
To finish your piece, make sure your mesh and other cords are the same length and are even at the ends, then attach your clasp following the steps found in our “Finishing the ends and attaching the clasp” tutorial.

Wire Mesh Ribbon Tutorial: How To Finish The Ends And Attach The Clasp

Using a piece of clear tape, tape about a half inch piece at each end of your wire mesh. If you are using other cords along with the mesh, make sure they are the same length and tape all of them together. Once the end is taped, it should resemble the plasticized end of a shoelace. This will stop the mesh from fraying at the ends, thus keeping it stronger. After your end is taped, trim it down so it fits nicely when placed inside a leather crimp. Using flat-nose jewelry pliers, crimp tightly, one side of the crimp at a time. Then, attach jump rings and the clasp of your choice.


Wire Mesh Ribbon Tutorial: How To Add Ruffles & Waves

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