Sterling Silver “Pandora-style” Charm: TAURUS



Beautifully crafted, high-quality 92.5 Sterling Silver “Pandora-style” charm.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finishing: Oxidized + E-coat
Silver weight: 1.6 g
Part Size: 11 mm x 11 mm

About Taurus: Determined, steadfast, often stubborn and hard to sway. Feels most secure with daily routines. Can sometimes be seen as inflexible. Values home and family. Is considered loyal, even devotional. Can sometimes be self-indulgent and fixated with bodily pleasure. Loves to eat and has a tendency to over-do it at times. Great team-players. Stamina under pressure.

Ruler: Venus
Element: Earth
Birthstone: Emerald
Colors: green, pink

Additional information

Weight1.5 g