Sterling Silver Charm: GEMINI



Beautifully crafted, high-quality 92.5 Sterling Silver Charm with split-ring. Hand-set cubic zirconia. Coated to prevent tarnishing.

Type: Charms with Split ring
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Finishing: Silver Plated + E-coat
Silver weight: 1.1 g
Part Size: 10 mm x 13 mm
Hoop Size: 7 mm x 7 mm
Cubic Zirconia: Nr. of Stones : 4 | Setting : Handmade Prong Setting

About Gemini: Intense communicators. Loves the written word. Often the are authors. Keen intellect. Dual personalities. Very talkative and interested in the trends and fashions of the time. Loves to stay busy and is very social. Inquisitive. Can be seen as fickle, restless and duplicitous. Loves a good party!

Ruler: Mercury
Element: Air
Birthstones: Pearl, Tourmaline
Colors: yellow, black, cream

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Weight1.1 g