Handmade Glass Bead Set: Shades Of Purple – Small/Medium/Large Donuts


The largest bead measures 12mm x 22mm. The medium sized beads measure 12mm x 22mm. The smaller beads measure 12mm x 17mm. The four companion beads measure 7mm x 12mm (Price is for a set of 9 handmade beads). All are donut shape. Mandrel/bead hole size is 2mm.

The four companion beads consist of two sets of two colors: transparent darker violet and transparent lighter violet.

These beads were individually handmade in our Tuscany studio. They were annealed for strength and durability, cleaned, and inspected for excellence.

Glass used: Italian glass from the Venetian island of Murano.

Since these beads are handmade, please be aware that there may be slight variances in size and shape.

Additional information

Weight44 g