Astro-Mala Bracelet (Capricorn)


This double-strand bracelet was created at the same time I made the Capricorn Astro-Mala necklace, and contains many of the same elements. It looks lovely worn with the Mala as a set, but, of course, can be worn separately, as well.

Grade A garnets and golden obsidian are lovingly hand-knotted with rhinestone encrusted pava beads. The piece is finished with a decorative silver-plated toggle clasp.

About Capricorn:  Often seen as traditionalists who resist change, Capricorns tend to focus on achieving success and stability in the material world.  They are loyal and predictable as friends and lovers, and can be seen as staid or even boring by others, if they don’t learn to loosen up a bit, and let themselves have some fun! Capricorns also are known for their flair for organization, their love of numbers and their steadfast ability to see things through.

Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth
Birthstones: Garnet, Jet
Colors: Dark green, dark brown, indigo, russet, black and grey.


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Length: aprox. 8.5 inches / 21 centimeters

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Weight35 g