1-Millimeter Wire Mesh Ribbon: 30 Meter, 3-Color Spool



By purchasing color-packs, you receive a 10% discount off of the original per-meter price for each individual color (discount is built in to the posted price).

1mm Color Packs include ten meters of each color, for a total of 30 meters per pack. The width of the ribbon is 1mm.

Colors in this pack: Gold, Silver, Antique Gold.

The 1 millimeter wire mesh ribbon can be used in a myriad of different ways: as an embroidery thread, for crocheting, knitting, and it makes a great cord for macrame’. Plus, it’s great combined with our other sizes of wire mesh ribbon for sewing or tying ruffles into place. You can even create fun designs with it and bake it into polymer clay!

Additional information

Weight15 g