Mixed Media Creations by Lily Morda

Custom Mixed-Media Pieces:

Lily creates unique, one-of-a-kind mixed-media objects and wall hangings by special order. If you have a favorite photo or image that you would like to memorialize on a box, wall-hanging or other object, please contact us to discuss your project. We will create a fabulous piece just for you!

Mixed Media Creations by Lily Morda

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Mixed-Media Workshops:

Working with a variety of materials to create one-of-a –kind pieces is a great way to unlock your creativity. Even if you are not an experienced artist or craftsperson, collage and other types of mixed-media techniques are fun and easy to learn, with the right guidance. Each workshop is designed with the individual student’s needs in mind and classes are kept very small (1-6 people).

Our studio in beautiful Camaiore, Italy is equipped with all the materials needed to create fabulous mixed-media pieces that are uniquely you.

Workshops are tailored to accommodate the individual or small group. Contact us for more information and pricing.