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Intermediate Level Italian Course (Conversation): Each Saturday From 3 – 5PM

Intermediate Level Italian Course (Conversation) - Each Saturday From 3 - 5PM

Level: Intermediate
Type: Group Conversation
When: Each Saturday From 3 – 5pm

Interactive, ongoing group classes taught by Mara Palmerini (born and raised in Lido di Camaiore). All classes will be held in the Bijou Arte studio located in the heart of Camaiore’s main street (Via Vittorio Emanuele, 122).

The course focus is the spoken word: pronunciation and communication. The objective of each 2-hour session is to improve your Italian language skills in ways that have an immediate impact; Not grammar but real life, day-to-day interaction.

Do you have a specific concern or need? Bring it to the class, let’s examine and resolve it together. In this way, each of the students learn and grow.

Intermediate Level Italian Course (Conversation) - Try For Free!

Classes are sold in blocks of 4, 2-hour sessions. A block of 4 sessions costs €50 (8 hours at €6.25 per hour).

Purchased classes do not need to be used in concurrent weeks, however they do need to be used within 60 days.

Please Reserve Your Seat:
Please contact Tim or Lily by phone at 0584-194-4650 or via the contact page. Seats are limited.

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