Bijou Arte Bead Studio Tuscany: Lampwork and Jewelry Design Courses, Wire Mesh Ribbon, European Crafting Supplies & More

Purveyors of unique, beautiful, high quality beads from around the globe in both Europe and the US since 1990… A tantalizing, eclectic selection of interesting beads and jewelry making components from the world’s best bead making centers. Focusing especially on items made in Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, the US, the Far East… And of course, on our own lines of designer jewelry and lampwork beads made lovingly by hand, right here in our Tuscany studio! (Our hand-made jewelry line can be seen and purchased at our sister-site

The Bijou Arte studio is open by appointment – We welcome your visit!
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Antique Gold
Midnight Blue
Copper Rose
Olive Green
Silver Blue
Blue Ice
Deep Sea Green
Pale Pink
Bordeaux / Wine
Patina Blue
Light Sage
Peridot / Olivine
Vibrant Pink
Burnt Orange
Scarlet Red
Vibrant Purple

Workshops In Tuscany, Italy
Glass Bead Making Lessons – Camaiore, Italy
Jewelry Design / Mixed Media Classes – Camaiore, Italy

Mesh Ribbon: A MUST For The Creative-Minded!

Italian Wire Mesh Ribbons

Our Own Production

Handmade Beads: Our Own Production

Sterling Silver Charms

Madam Z Sterling Silver Charms