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Setting Up Your Bead Making Studio

Setting Up Your Bead Making Studio

Advice, assistance and practical information is included in the cost of your bead making class.

What kind of torch is best for you? What about a kiln? Is all glass equal?

From safety glasses to bead release, there’s lots to consider when setting up your bead making studio. At Beaded Lily, lampwork instructor Tim James provides this helpful information as part of your bead making course.

Tim’s goal as an instructor is to facilitate your learning process. This includes helping you decide which particular studio items would best serve you, and which might be an unnecessary expense.

All students who plan to set up their own bead making studio receive, upon request, an informative list of the basic studio items needed and information about companies that sell those items. Plus, during your time together you can discuss and research where you personally can find these items in your area.

We also have some tried and true lampwork books that you are welcome to borrow, as well as continuing support once your class is finished.

And don’t forget that we also offer Torch Rental in our studio for those bead-makers wishing to continue honing their skills but who are not yet ready to invest in a studio of their own.

Setting Up Your Bead Making Studio