Glass Bead Making Lessons – Italy

Bead Making Stations

All of our bead making stations are equipped with Nortel Minor Bench Burner torches which operate using an oxygen and propane mix. Each student is assigned their own work station and torch setup.

Bead Making Stations at Bijou Arte

Each work station is fully equipped with all necessary tools, including the following:

  • Light-filtering safety goggles
  • Mandrels of assorted diameters (Including Pandora-style 5mm)
  • Graphite paddles
  • Graphite marble moulds
  • Torch-mounted graphite pad
  • BBQ mashers (for squishing!)
  • Tested-safe vermiculite substitute for cooling your beads
  • Moretti/Effetre 104 COE soft glass rods in a sea of beautiful colors
  • Gold Leaf
  • Silver Foil
  • Goldstone

At course-end your beads will be batch-annealed in our on-site kiln to relieve internal stress and insure longevity.

Bead Making Stations at Bijou Arte