Traveling To Us

Getting To Camaiore, Italy

Camaiore is both the name of the town where our shop is located and the name of the the entire area (the Comune di Camaiore) which encompasses some 24 towns and villages. Camaiore stretches from the Apuan Alps to the Mediterranean sea.

By car, there are a number of ways to arrive in the Camaiore general area.

No matter how you arrive, the road you will most likely need to watch for and follow is Via Aurelia/SS1 and then follow signs to Camaiore (signage is quite good).

Our shop is located on the main street in town, which is a pedestrian only street.

There is plenty of free and pay parking all around us.

The town of Camaiore does not have its own train stop. If traveling by train there are two options:

Take the train to Viareggio, which is the largest station in the area.

Or take the train to “Camaiore Lido Capezzano” which is nearest to Camaiore but is an unmanned station.

It’s about 9 kilometers from the Viareggio train stop to our front door. Taxis can be found outside the station at the taxi stand (or arrangements can be made to pick you up).

The nearest airport is the Pisa International Airport, about 35 minutes away. Easy!

If coming by bus from the Pisa International Airport, head for Viareggio, which is the closest main stop to Camaiore. From there take the bus to Camaiore.

The bus trip costs about 5 euro and takes 26 minutes.

Private Car Pickup

For our clients/students we do also offer a private pickup service from the Viareggio train station, which is the closest main train stop to Camaiore.

The cost for this service is 15 Euro.